Dear Siri,

I can’t believe you are 7 months! Your first Christmas is just a few days away and I’m so excited even though you won’t really understand what’s going on. I’m sure you’ll be quite intrigued by the wrapping paper. I can’t imagine the Christmases to come!
I don’t want to rush one minute with you, as I feel that time has already passed by too quickly. It seems like yesterday that you were my tiny, little baby (not all that tiny at 8lbs 1oz, but small nonetheless) and now, just today I was amazed that you were repeatedly pulling the banjo handle on one of your toys – you’re learning cause and effect and I was so proud! You are constantly babbling (sometimes shouting) and I have a feeling you’ll be a chatterbox. I don’t mind at all, your dad and I love hearing the sound of your voice and all the things you have to “say.” I walk around the store with you and we have our own conversations, mostly of just “ma ma ma ba ba ba da!” The funniest thing –it makes me laugh every time- is when you ‘whisper.’ You babble in a whisper. It’s hysterical. 
You are quite the thinker! It seems as though you are always pondering how things work and the wheels in your cute little head are always turning! You have started to want just about everything (especially my hair, the remote, or cell phone) and if it’s taken away from you, you’ll sometimes cry; not for long- we’re able to easily distract you with something else. 
I think you may be catching on to what a kiss is. Your daddy and I are constantly kissing you, and I wasn’t sure if you knew what you were doing the first time when at your baptism you planted your little mouth on Demetra’s cheek. I thought it might have been a fluke, but you’ve done it a couple of times on my check since, sometimes with a closed mouth, sometimes with your mouth wide open, and I’m scared you’ll bite me. Your two bottom teeth (the only ones you have at the moment) are sharp! I think it’s adorable, and it is my favorite thing. That and hearing you giggle, or whisper! Or when I’m laughing at something, on many occasions I’ve looked down at you in my arms and you’re smiling or laughing because I’m laughing. It melts my heart.
People are constantly telling me, and have been pretty much since you were born, how good you are. It is so very true. You are always happy, content, and satisfied. You are easy to please and easier to love! I am so blessed.
Your mommy