Dear Siri,

Happy 10 months (+ one day!) You’ve come so far. In just a matter of weeks you’ve gone from army crawling to crawling (like a pro now!), pulled yourself to standing, and started cruising! You’re a little person! You like to get into everything you can. You love to play peek a boo. You’ve started holding the blanket up to your face to hide and I say, “Where’s Siri?” and you pull the blanket down really fast and have a big smile and usually the giggle. You have 8 teeth. And you like to bite my fingers! It hurts, but you think it’s hilarious.
You love to sleep with your blankie (you have for a while now). It’s soft and fuzzy on one side and smooth and silky on the other. When you’re tired we give you your blankie and you pull it up to your face and nuzzle it to sooth yourself to sleep. It’s one of my absolute favorite things you do.
You love to put things in containers. You’ll take small toys out of a container and put them in another, then take them out of that one, and put them back in the first container. You can spend quite a bit of time on this ‘project’ of yours. You are always thinking and pondering. You like to see how things work. I have been showing you this book of animals for months now, and I point to animals and say what they are. You’ve started pointing at the animals and things in other books too.
You love to eat- anything and everything! You love grilled cheese. You started feeding me the other day. I was feeding you breakfast and you had cheerios on your tray. I leaned in and opened my mouth and you fed me a cheerio. Now, if I do that with anything you’re eating you offer me a bite. You’ve also started to feed Tess – you reach your arm over the side of your high chair and start giggling when Tess comes up to eat the food out of your hand. I can’t help but laugh.
You are such a sweet, loving, little girl. You have these voices when you’re babbling and it lets me know what kind of mood you’re in. If you’re being mischievous and have spotted Tess’s water dish, you do this gremlin sounding babble as you make your way to the dish, or whatever it is you have to have. Then there are other times when you have this high-pitched sweet babble and you’ll just be sitting there, happy, playing with something. Then there are the times you’ll be calling Tess. She might be upstairs and you just shout, ‘Teh! Teh! Teh!’ Eventually she’ll come down and you smile or giggle. There’s nothing better than the sound of your voice.
I love you so much. I look forward to every day with you. You’re going to be a great big sister.
Your mommy