Dear Siri,

You’re 11 months old today- where has the time gone? Days with you fly by! We’ve been having so much fun watching you grow and learn. You are so smart – it amazes me.
You copy me sneezing. If I sneeze, you bring your head back and then down quickly with a little snorting noise! It cracks us up. I started to say ‘oooh’ when I’m showing you something shiny or interesting. One day you were intently watching my mouth as I said it. Now when I say oooh, you say ‘ohhhh’ but you’re mouth makes a very pronounced ‘O’ as you do it.
Your grandpa was over the other day and you were doing all sorts of amusing things. The front door was open and the neighbor was walking into her house while talking to someone else nearby. You heard her, walked over towards the door and watched. She saw you and said hi and we said, “Say hi, Siri” and you waved. The neighbor got a kick out of it. A few weeks ago we were at the library and there was a girl in line behind us, she was about 9 or 10. I was holding you and the girl waved to you. You waved back. My heart melted. You are such a sweet little thing!
Grandpa kept giving you all kinds of interesting things to play with, like his rings. He let you hold his phone at one point. I said, “Say hello” and you put the phone up to your ear! Smart little thing! You watch everything we do and copy us.
You cuddle with me every night in your rocker before bed. I give you a bottle and your blankie and we listen to Jewel’s lullaby CD. I cherish those moments with you. I’m going to miss your room when we move. It has always been our favorite room of the house even before it was yours. You just made it even better.
You love going for walks in your stroller. You take everything in. I know you’re always just watching and learning – every second. We brought you to your little brother/sister’s ultrasound the other day. You watched the screen for a little bit and then even pointed, but then you got bored. You hardly stay still these days. You are always on the move and rarely sit and play with something for longer than a minute! You’ll be walking in no time!
I love you so much!