Dear Siri,

Happy 13 months! I hadn’t even realized until after I put you to bed tonight that a month has passed since you turned 1. It’s been a fun month! You are walking all over the place.
I brought you to an indoor play center yesterday and then again today and you loved it. Today you met a little girl and followed her around. You almost kissed her once and kept trying to touch her. It was so sweet. You squealed with delight the whole time you were playing. It is the best feeling to see you having fun. You like being chased lately. Your dad or I will crawl on the ground chasing after you and you’ll try to crawl away really fast and then hide in some small space. It’s one of your favorite games to play. 
You’re going to be a great big sister. You already have such a big heart and are such a good girl! I’m looking forward to seeing you interact with your brother or sister.
I love spending the weekends with you. It makes the full week of work worth it. I love seeing you grow, watching you play, and watching you sleep. I love spending every minute that I can with you. I look forward to each new thing you’ll do but live in the now and cherish who you are today. You are an amazing little girl!
Your mommy