Have I mentioned how much my little Siri loves food? Well she does. A lot. She comes up to Eric or I whenever we’re eating basically begging for a bite. And if it’s something good she gets totally happy and excited after taking that bite. We’re just finishing our kitchen remodel and she’s figured out how to get into the snack drawer that has all of her snacks in it and bread, etc. Well last night she took out the end of a loaf of bread which didn’t have a twist tie on it. I didn’t mind and decided to let her have at it. Well she did. She pulled out all the bread left (6 slices or so) and started eating it. I caught her mid bite as she stuck a whole piece into her mouth and pulled off a piece of crust. This morning, she kept pulling out various snack bags and bringing them to me wanting some. She also got a box of spaghetti out and I hadn’t realized it was an open box. After a shake or two there was spaghetti everywhere. What does she do? Grab a piece and try to eat it of course! haha. I can really only laugh at her sometimes. She seriously cracks me up.


Less than 8 weeks to go!

I’ve been slowing down these days. Less than 8 weeks until baby #2 arrives and I’m looking forward to the days when I have my energy back. I feel bad for both Siri and Eric on the days that I get tired easily. Eric woke up with Siri both days this weekend (we usually each take a weekend day) and it was nice sleeping in. I also got a pedicure yesterday which was amazing. Something just came over me all of a sudden and I had to have a pedicure! So glad I did.

Siri’s getting fussier these days, but I know its just a phase. It’s just that her fusses aren’t just little whines, they’re loud shrieks! It’s mostly when we take something from her that she shouldn’t have. I try to divert her attention to something else but she just gets so worked up! I figure she’s got two months to get past this phase before I have to deal with it on little or no sleep and a newborn! I’m sure she’ll be on to some other phase by then. Even with her occasional rants, she’s still such a good baby. She’s so much fun. Eric and I are often overwhelmed by how much we love her. 
We were eating popcorn today and she was just helping herself to handfuls of it. I put some of her own in a little bowl so she wouldn’t get any kernels. When she was just about at the end of the bowl, she was alternating between feeding herself a piece and then feeding Tess a piece. She absolutely loves her dog. 
She’s also been chewing on our shoes these days! I can’t decide if I should ignore it or tell her no. I feel that she does it just for my attention- she thinks its hilarious. If I’m not looking at her, and trying to ignore her, she comes right up to me so I can see her. Another one of those phases that need to pass soon!
Paige and Brian stayed with us for a few days and just seeing Cambrie and Brayden interact made me think about Siri’s sibling. I’m really looking forward to seeing Siri with him or her. I think it will be so good for her. A best friend. And someone else to love. How great is that? I’m excited to see if ‘it’ will be a he or a she and who it will look like. Mostly, I hope that he or she is healthy. I can’t believe our next little one will be here soon! How amazing it will be to be a family of four!  

Dear Siri,

What an independent little being you’ve become. Lately, you’ve been testing your boundaries, making yourself heard, and your presence known. You will do something, like turn off the TV, then immediately look at your dad or I to see our reaction. You’re understanding ‘no’, and you’re actually listening for the most part when we say it. Your fussing more these days (a phase I’m hoping will pass soon!) to see how we’ll react and what you can get out of it. We try our best to ignore it. You’re emotions are more far ranging, you’ll be happy one minute and then frustrated the next (and let us know with a whine) because you can’t do something. You get over it quickly and are, for the majority of the time, your happy, usual self.
You say yuck, ball, woof (when I ask you what a dog says) and you also have your own little language that you use when you have something really important to talk about. You like to be chased or to chase me when I run from room to room. You like to build with blocks and you still love to put things in their place, or whatever place you might assign them. You are a crazy little ball of energy! I love watching you grow, learn and explore.


Putting it all in one place

I’ve been keeping all of my photos of Siri here: I started writing her monthly letters and needed a place to put them, so those went to the shutterfly site too. Then there’s her stats and milestones which I add to my work calendar so I don’t forget and then from there I put them in her baby book. And then there’s all the little things in between that I’d love to jot down somewhere. I’m trying to simplify things lately, realizing that time is both precious and valuable and I’m sure once baby #2 arrives, I’ll feel even more of the ‘there’s not enough time in the day’ crunch.

So, here’s my blog. This is mostly for Siri, her sibling (coming soon), my future children and a little bit for me. I love looking back at all of my pictures of her and am amazed at the baby she was and the toddler she is now. Time is passing by so quickly. I want my children to be able to read through this someday and enjoy who they were ‘then.’ I laugh A LOT with Siri, at Siri and at myself. I’m enjoying being a mom so much, what better way to document my biggest accomplishment? That’s that.

Our fourth of July weekend was a blast. I tell Eric that I love weekends when we can do things with Siri and watch her having fun. I go back to work feeling so refreshed and although I usually miss her more on those first days back, I feel happy and fulfilled from the fun we had.

Siri had a case of hand-foot-mouth disease last week in addition to pink eye. It was her first sick visit to the doctor. She is really such a trooper. She had a couple of hard nights sleeping, most likely from the sores the virus can cause in the throat, but other than that she pulled through just fine. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it to Stan and Mary’s 4th of July party because we didn’t want Siri to pass the virus to Nia (apparently it’s most contagious in the first week). So instead, we brought Siri to a spray ground at Seneca Lake State park (where she would be around other kids, but wasn’t touching them, etc) and she had so much fun! She waddled around with a couple of toys and screamed here and there as she does when she’s having a good ol’ time. Once she tired of that we got ice cream and then headed to the outlet mall then home. Sunday, we spent the day at Shawna’s. Siri went swimming (well, went in the pool with me holding her, and eventually tolerated her floaty device for approximately 6 minutes, before she wanted to be held again). She napped in her stroller and then we just hung out. We went to the Chili fest before heading home. Monday, we took Siri to Strong Museum of Play for the first time. She was beside herself with everything they have to offer. She absolutely loved ‘shopping’ at Wegmans and was amazed by just about everything else there. She did get a bit overstimulated and overtired by the end of it. She was cranky during lunch, and crashed as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot. But it was a great day and great weekend.

Nothing makes me happier than to see my little one having fun 🙂