Dear Siri,

You’re 15 months old today. This will be my last letter before your little brother or sister arrives. I was feeling emotional about this yesterday thinking that it’s our last month of just me and you cuddling in the morning. But I’m also so excited to bring a sibling into your life as you’ll have a life long friend in him or her. I know you are going to be a GREAT big sister. You love seeing babies on tv or in real life. We saw Andreas for a little bit the other day and you were reaching out to touch him and pet the back of his head. You and I cuddle every morning. If I’m in the kitchen doing something you’ll come up to me with your blankie and want me to pick you up so we can cuddle. You’ll lay with me on the couch and we’ll watch a show (really Yo Gabba Gabba is the only show you’ll watch). You use my belly as a pillow sometimes. You rub your blankie on your nose whenever you’re cuddling. You’ll also take it and sometimes go sit on the bottom step. Your dad and I think it is the cutest thing. You just plop down and sit on the step. You say so many words it seems and your vocabulary just continues to grow. You have your own little language, which I always love to hear. You say blue, shoes, bye bye (you love this one), woof whenever you see a dog or if I ask you what a dog says, mama, dada, hi, moo, and uh-oh. You point to your toes, your nose, your head, and if I hand you a washcloth and say wash your face you do (but you mostly lick the washcloth). You also brush your teeth. You love, love, love being chased around the house. We say ‘coming to get you!’ and you squeal and “run” away. You’ll slow down and turn your head a tad to peek behind you out of the corner or your eye and when you see that we’re still there you squeal again and keep going. It’s so fun. You LOVE baths. Every night after dinner I say ‘let’s go take a bath’ and you head up the stairs ready to go! You give me a kiss on the lips when I say, ‘give mama a kiss.’ It started only when you were in the bath (seems to be when you’re happiest!) but now you do it just about all of the time.
I love you so much and my love grows more and more every day. You are such an amazing little girl. I’m so proud to be your mommy. I look forward to all the years we’ll spend together and all the memories we’ll make.