Dear Siri,

Happy 16 months, big sister! Cas has been home for 4 days. You have been so good with him. You’ve gotten fussy here and there, but this is a big change for you, and that is to be expected. You want to be held or cuddled with a little bit more- which is fine by me! I love to cuddle with you. I’m so proud of you. You are such a little helper. You hand me his blankie, or wipes for his face, or you’ll place his hat on the top of his head. You are always trying to help.

Your vocabulary is really starting to pick up and you’re trying to say just about everything we say. Your favorite word is shoes and you absolutely love shoes. Whenever anyone comes over, you eventually make your way over to their shoes, then squeal, “shooooes!” and bring their shoes to them (for them to put on of course!)

You love to dance, to be chased (still your favorite game!) to play with Tess (you pull her tail). We bought you a stroller for your baby and you push it around, and sometimes pick it up to bring it where it needs to go. You try to help me vacuum and sweep. And if you spill something, you go to grab a cloth to wipe it up.

You are growing up so fast! I love you so much!

Your mommy