Dear Siri,

You’re 18 months old today and I love you more and more every day. I love watching you learn and become the sweet little person you are. You are so caring and so loving for such a little girl! You give us kisses all the time and you kiss your brother every night before you go to bed.
You are saying so many words these days it’s hard to keep track. One of the best is thank you. You say it whenever we give you something (like a snack) and it’s so sweet. It sounds more like ‘day doo’ and you say it very quickly and then walk away. Other new words are elbow, happy, apple, Siri, Cas and brother. You take everything in. Your little brain is always working.

You’re learning a lot at gymnastics too. You walk on your tip toes, put your head down to do a front roll and jump. Your dad brings you every Saturday. Today was parent observation day so I went to watch and you gave a little boy in your class a hug. Just because.

You love love love Cas! You call him brother. Every morning you come downstairs go over to him in his swing and wave to him. I’ll ask you if you want to hold him then you come sit by me and I put him on your lap. You love it.

Just about every night when your dad and I go to bed, we’ll talk about something that you did that day that melted our hearts. You are the sweetest thing. I can’t tell you how happy you make us.

Your mommy

18 month stats: