Dear Siri,

Wow time is flying- Happy 19 months! Your vocabulary is growing by the minute! You say so many words! Here are some of them:

Tess, on, up, happy, elbow, butt, eyes, nose, head, ears, feet, knee, arm, hand, neck, teeth, spoon, shirt, sock, shoes, coat, hat, boot, brother, grandpa (sounds more like pa-gand!), Hi, bye-bye, thank you, welcome (for your welcome), please, Dada, mama, tess, Cas, diaper, ball, elephant, turtle, owl, lion, dog, duck, light, milk, snack, cracker, juice, hungry, eat, nana (banana), apple, night-night, snow, cup, no-no, hot, love you, p-u stinky stinky!, draw, home, car, show, tree, santa (and ho ho ho!) and there are many things that you point to in your picture book if we mention the word.

Your favorite activity is to point to things and identify them. I’ll get you out of your crib in the morning and while changing your diaper you start pointing to body parts or things in the room and naming them. Just about every night before bed you sit down in the living room with your picture book and just look at everything. Sometimes quietly without saying much and then every now and then you’ll point to something and say what it is. You are really, really smart. People often ask us how old you are and are amazed by how much you know and how smart you are for your age. You really enjoy learning and are constantly thinking and taking everything in. You’ve been like that since day one!

You love your brother more and more each day. I’ll sit him next to you and sometimes he’ll reach and grab your hand or your shirt. You’ll just turn to look at him and will sometimes give him a hug or a kiss, but most times you grab his hand and nuzzle your nose on it like you do with your blankie. Today I sat him next to you on the couch and you put your arm around him. Every so often you’ll reach out and grab him and accidentally hurt him. I guess you’re just testing boundaries and seeing what he’ll do. Last week, I was holding him in my lap and all of a sudden you came over and grabbed 2 fistfulls of his hair (since he has so much of it!) and pulled. He screamed and cried so loud! You were terrified and you started crying. I don’t think you’ll do that again! You really do love him and it’s amazing to watch you interact with him.

I wanted to get rid of your pipka (pacifier) by the time you were 18 months. You were only using it for naps and bedtime. My plan was to get rid of it over the Thanksgiving Holiday since I’d have a few days off, incase you didn’t sleep as good without it. Well, I completetly forgot and figured I’d work on it a few weeks later. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I went to give it to you at bedtime and you shook your head with your eyes closed and said, “no” very matter-of-factly. You had it one other time at nap, and then your Dad tried to give it to you a different day at nap time and you said no. It’s been gone ever since. We’re amazed by how you show us when you’re ready for something. You have always been that way. I really believe that you teach me daily how to be a mom. You show me the way!

 You never stop amazing me and you’re always making me laugh. I love you, my sweet girl.



Dear Cas,

My sweet little boy! It’s amazing how my heart has grown since you arrived. You are a strong little guy. When I was pregnant with you, I had a feeling you were a boy and that you would be strong -you had a super kick!

When you were born, I told the doctor that I wanted your dad to tell me if you were a boy or a girl (just like he did when Siri was born). I was looking up at your dad waiting for him to tell me. I heard the doctors and nurses saying how much hair you had and your dad looked back at me- later he told me he was going to tell me how much hair you had too but then he remembered he had to see if you were a boy or girl- so he turned back to look and then he said, without looking at me, but staring at you ‘it’s a boy!’ I could hear the emotion in his voice. He was so proud to have a son.

You were a big boy and still are! You were 8lbs 9oz and 23” long at birth, although I think they might have measured a little off because at your 1 month checkup you were still 23” and 11lbs 7 oz. At your 2 month appointment you were 24” and 14lbs. You’re wearing size 6 months! You started rolling from your tummy to your back at 5 weeks. Your sister didn’t until almost 4 months, so your dad and I were shocked when you did. I thought it was a fluke, but then you kept doing it. Now you’re close to rolling from tummy to back. You move and shift so much in your crib at night. When you wake up in the middle of the night I’ll go in to get you and rather than finding you how I left you in the middle of your crib, you’re turned the other way up against the front of the crib! I have no idea how you do that while you’re swaddled. Since you have so much hair, you’ve been getting these little knots in the back of your hair, and I think all of that shimmying is doing it!

 You started smiling at 4 weeks, just like your sister. You smile ALL of the time! I can’t believe how much you smile. And they are the best, happiest smiles. They make my day. Siri will walk up to you while you’re in your swing and you’ll give her a big smile too! I know you’re just waiting to chase after her and play with her.

I look forward to every day with you.