Cas the model

I’ve been meaning to get pictures of Cas at 6 months. I mean, I take a lot of pictures of him, but usually there are a gazillion toys in the background. These look a little nicer 🙂 And he’s just so cute! Of course, I had to get Siri in on the action too! He did a great job considering he’s healing from an ear infection. He had just gotten up from his nap and he’s always SO happy when he gets up.



This is Siri speak for garbage. She’s been fascinated with the garbage can for the past few weeks. She’ll push the pedal to open it and will happily throw out any gah-booje she might find. I was teasing her today saying, ‘hey, get outta there!” every time she went to it and she thought that was hysterical.

 Cas watched the whole time. The things he learns from his sister…

Time off!

I was off yesterday. I’m off today, tomorrow and Monday. I took the time off to spent extra time with the kids. Usually during the work week I end up missing them like crazy by the time the weekend rolls around.  So now I get to soak in some bonus time.

Yesterday we hung out around the house. Today we went to the park and I took a bunch of pictures.

Then I came home and took some great pictures of Cas. Like this one. He’s hard to keep still!

Dear Siri,

My love for you grows more and more each day. My life up until you arrived was a rehearsal. Full of fun memories and good times, life lessons, ups and downs, but all of it was practice for something much bigger – you. Each and every day you make me laugh and smile at least once if not a dozen times. You say and do the cutest things.

You’re becoming the most polite littlest person I’ve ever met. You say sorry immediately after doing something that might have hurt one of us, or if you drop something, or if we pull your pajama shirt on over your head a little too rough – you even say sorry for that! You say bless you whenever we sneeze (or cough), you say excuse me – even if Tess is in your way. You say please and thank you (although this one has been in your vocabulary for a while now) and you’re welcome.

Along with all the cute wonderful things that come out of your mouth there are often the things that come out when you’re not in the best mood like “NO!” or “Stop it!” I guess it’s a good thing that you make it known if you don’t like something! Funny thing is, of all the words you say, I have yet to hear you say yes.

Cas is quickly becoming your best friend! You’ll get down on your tummy while he’s on his, look into his eyes and smile. You like when he lays on you and you’re holding on to him. I think you like to feel like a big girl holding your baby brother.

I love you, sweet girl!

Siri, what are you up to?

Usually when Siri is quiet that means she’s up to something. Last week, she was up to something twice.

Eric told me this story from last Wednesday afternoon: Cas was sleeping and Siri was playing in the living room. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for Eric to wash a few dishes. He realized after a few minutes that Siri was quiet – a little too quiet. He walked into the living room and didn’t see her but assumed she was sitting in her chair watching a good show. He walked back to the sink and thought, ‘wait, she wasn’t in her chair.’ He looked upstairs and realized he left the gate open when he put Cas down. Cas’s door was still shut. He went up and didn’t see Siri in the bathroom or the other bedrooms. He walked into Cas’s bedroom and there she was. I have to admit, it warmed my heart to think that she could have walked into the bathroom or the other rooms to wreak some serious havoc, but she chose her brother’s room (then again, maybe it was just the closed door that was calling her). Eric walked in the room to find Siri passing goodies through the crib rails to Cas, who was squealing in delight. Goodies was Eric’s word, not mine. Goodies in this instance, refers to orajel, baby tylenol, diaper rash cream, etc. You know, just in case he needed some teething relief during his nap. The ever so thoughtful sister she is.

I think it was that same night, Eric was in the shower and Cas needed a diaper change. This is something that literally takes a couple of minutes. You would think that a toddler wouldn’t have time to get into much of anything in that short window of time. Oh, but not my Siri. Just as I finished buttoning up Cas, I heard the rustling of bags. I went downstairs and saw that Siri had gotten into the cabinet with cereal (which has a child latch on it) and had pulled two bags of cereal out of the boxes. She was reaching into one bag, pulling out cheerios and eating them, all while holding onto the other bag. I didn’t mind much – that cereal could have been ALL over the floor. Then again, that’s when having a dog and a toddler makes a whole lot of sense.

Dear Cas,

You’re six months old today and started crawling a week ago! It started as an army crawl and today you were getting up on your knees to start a full crawl. I’m sure you’ll have it down in a couple of weeks. You are so strong and can’t stay still!

You’re the sweetest thing. You’re always happy and willing to flash your million dollar, albeit gummy, smile. You love your sister. Whenever she gets anywhere near you, you smile, laugh and/or coo. You are happiest when she’s around, which is pretty much all the time. You’re pretty fond of Tess too. I’m totally looking forward to all the fun you and your sister are going to have together. Sure, there will be fights along the way, but I have a feeling the two of you are going to be best friends.

Your personality is really starting to shine through. You’re a laid back, go with the flow, happy go lucky baby. I guess its kind of hard to be much else with Siri running the show! You are a total ray of sunshine in our lives. I love you so much.


6 month stats:
18 lb 2 oz 59%
27.5″ 81%
Head circ. 45.75 cm 91%