Dear Siri,

You are my little chatterbox-firecracker. I think that pretty much sums it up! You are learning words like crazy. Just about everything we say, you repeat. Today Cas was crawling around your room and I said, “Cas, what are you doing?” and you said, “What are you doing?” You love him so much and there is nothing better than seeing you teach him things and make him laugh. You are such a good big sister. I am so proud of you. If you bump into him or hurt him by accident, you’ll say ‘sorry, buddy.’
You’re getting into things like crazy. We have to be careful leaving you alone for a minute, which is hard because we have to change Cas’s diaper! You’ll take one of the chairs in the kitchen and put it up to the counter climb on it and grab whatever you can!

You love being read to. Sometimes while we’re reading to you you’ll say “mommy! Mommy! Mommy!’ or ‘daddy! Daddy!’ until we stop reading and say ‘what?’ and then you’ll point to something in the picture and tell us what it is. You love to learn and are so unbelievably smart.

I love you more and more every day, my sweet little girl!


Dear Cas,

Seven months has passed by so quickly and you are progressing just as fast! It is impossible to keep you still. You’re barely sitting up on your own (I think you can, you just choose not to sit still). You are crawling like crazy and climbing too. The other day I was in the kitchen and your Dad was sitting in the living room with Siri. You were crawling about as usual. When I walked back into the living room you were on the 4th stair going upstairs! We really need to keep an eye on you!

You don’t have any teeth yet and you weigh 18lbs 11oz.

I know I’ve wrote this is just about every letter so far, but you are such a happy baby. All I have to do is look at you and you flash a big grin. You laugh at Siri all the time. She’ll get up close to your face and speak some sort of jibber jabber loudly and you think it’s so funny. You think Tess is funny too. This morning while I was feeding you breakfast, you reached your hand down to Tess and she was licking your finger. You thought it was hysterical. I love all of your smiles and your laughter. You are a breath of fresh air!

You are definitely mommy’s little boy and I love it! Sometimes when I get home from work, you’ll see me or hear my voice and it isn’t long before you start whining because you want me. Then I pick you up and you bat your eyes and give me a shy grin. You are a heartbreaker for sure!

I love you so much. You are my sunshine.