Dear Cas,

You’re 9 months old today and I have no idea where the time has gone! You are the cutest little bundle of energy. You love your blankie and have it with you or close by all day. You’ll put it up to your face to eat it sometimes as a soothing mechanism. It melts my heart. You’re starting to babble, mostly dada although it sounds like you say ‘tehteh’ (our nickname for Tess) sometimes too. You are so aware of everything and just love everyone in the family. You are so happy. You’re more shy than your sister and a little more reserved, but definitely happier than any baby I’ve ever seen. You love to laugh and smile. Last week your sister was being silly, running back and forth in the playroom and you were watching her the whole time and laughing. It made me laugh.

You’ll be walking any day now. You hold on to furniture and walk around it, and I’ve seen you stand on your own for a second or so. You crawl super fast! You don’t have any teeth yet and I keep wondering when they’ll come in. It doesn’t stop you from wanting any and every snack your sister is eating. You sometimes cry when you don’t get your way.

You LOVE the bath. Seriously love. You almost love it more than me (and you love me a lot!) Last night I went to turn on the bath before taking you in your room to get you undressed and you let out a little scream when I walked you away from the tub. You could probably stay in the tub all day and be happy.

I love you so much!