First steps

Cas took his first few steps last night! I held out my arms and he toddled to me. Watch out, Siri! Your brother will be chasing after you soon!


Dear Siri,

My little girl, you’re growing too fast! At lightening speed you’re moving so far ahead. It’s hard to remember you as my first little baby. But I do remember. You’ve been the light in my life since the day you were born. You’ve always been the ponderer, the thinker and the sweetest little thing. My heart swells with pride when we’re at the store and you say ‘excuse me’ to someone when you’re standing in their way. Or you say “bless you, Daddy” from downstairs when he’s upstairs and he’s sneezed (you say it repeatedly, louder each time until he hears you and says “thank you”) If you step on my toes you quickly say, “oops, sorry, Mommy.” You are really, truly, seriously the most polite little girl. It’s amazing. You are also for sure the best big sister in the world. You love your brother more than anything else. You do your best to make him laugh or to make him happy if he’s crying. You let him bat at your face and grab at your hair. Siri, you are an amazing little girl.

You still like to cuddle. And occasionally you’ll hold your blankie and pick at the soft parts or rub it on your nose. 

Your Dad built you your first big girl bed (a twin size bed, with a rail on the side just incase you roll). You made a smooth transition. I really wasn’t sure how it would go because it’s not always an easy transition to make. But like everything else, you are so ahead of me.

Last night, after the bath you said, “potty! potty!” so I brought you your potty, but  I was too late. You already peed on the floor. So I cleaned it up but you sat on your potty anyway. You sat there for 15 minutes or so, determined to make it happen. And it did. I was so proud. And I told you so. I even tried to do a little happy dance, as I’ve read that that sometimes reinforces the ‘oh so proudness’ but you would have none of that. And you told me so. Then you sat back on the potty and peed again, about 10 minutes later. I wasn’t planning to potty train you until next week, but like everything else, you’re ahead of me. When I was going to take the pacifier away at 18 months, one night before bed, a week before I planned to take it, I went to give it to you and you shook your head and said ‘no!’ No more pacifier after that night. I wonder if this is how you’ll be your whole life.

I think whatever you do and whereever you go, you’ll always be just as amazing as you are right now.

I love you.

Dear Cas,

Happy 10 months! Where does the time go? You finally got your first tooth yesterday! It’s the bottom right one. I came home from work and was feeding you dinner and saw a tiny little tooth coming through.

You are such a joy. You are my little cuddle bug. You’ll come up to me and lay on me or lay near me with your blankie and we’ll just cuddle. You love to be held… a lot! I love to hold you. I’ll get your blankie and put it over my shoulder and you nuzzle it and rest your head on my shoulder. It’s the sweetest thing. You love Siri so much. You’ll chase after her (crawling of course) which she absolutely loves. You’ll hear her getting up in the morning and you’ll start going upstairs to get to her.

You go up and down (backwards) the stairs by yourself. It amazes me. I keep thinking you are just my little baby but you are growing before my eyes. You say dada mostly but sometimes mama and what sounds like Tehteh. You LOVE to eat. I mean seriously love it. You’ll whine if Siri has food because you want some. You could probably eat all day. Which is funny because at your 9 month check up you were 19 pounds, only the 35th percentile for weight and the 54th percentile for height. You’re my sweet little peanut.

I can’t imagine our family without you in it. You create such a balance. You are so laid back and such a happy baby. I love you so much.