Dear Cas,

Happy Birthday my wonderful little boy! Where do I begin? This year has gone by far too fast. It’s a bittersweet feeling, really. You have added a playfulness to our family that has been the perfect touch. Your personality is simply the best! You are carefree, yet calm. Playful, but relaxed. You laugh at the silliest and simplest things. You are extremely ticklish. You love to cuddle and have rested your head on my shoulder more times than I could ever count this past year. You began walking over a month ago and now if you’re having a shy moment with a stranger, you walk over to me and rest your head against my leg while I’m standing. You are truly the sweetest most loving little boy.

My pregnancy with you wasn’t too bad. I suspected you were a boy because you kicked me like crazy (and hard too!) constantly while in my belly. You were always on the move in there! On the day you were born, I had no idea what to expect from the newest little baby of our family. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I wasn’t sure how Siri would react once you were brought home or how our family dynamic would change. I told the doctor I wanted your dad to tell me if you were a boy or a girl just like he did when Siri was born. You were born on a Tuesday at 8:23 a.m. I heard everyone in the operating room commenting on how much hair you had. Your dad was watching and waiting to find out boy or girl, but briefly turned around because he was also going to tell me how much hair you had. Then he realized he had to keep watch! When he saw that you were a boy he was so happy and proud. I can still hear the emotion in his voice. He cried. I cried. It was perfect and you were perfect. In the hospital the nurse gave you a mohawk. Everyone commented on how cute you were and couldn’t believe how much hair you had. Your Dad was seriously beaming and smiling from ear to ear, so happy to have his boy.

Siri has pretty much been in love with you since day one. She calls you brother and buddy most of the time, only sometimes Cas. You’ve started going up to her to give her hugs. You often try to steal her snacks (you LOVE to eat but are such a peanut)! You love, love, love to cuddle. You’ll sometimes just lay around on the floor and watch what’s on TV or whatever is going on around you. You love to get into mischief. Even if it isn’t much mischief, you like to think that you are being sly. You’ll be across the room in the toy box doing something and I’ll give you a look and say “hey what are you doing?!” and you’ll have the biggest grin and hide your face away. Another thing that is important to note now so we can look back at this later, is that you are seriously in love with beer. We have never given you any, of course, but you’ve always gone after the beer bottles/cans like crazy whenever someone is drinking one. I also really craved beer when I was pregnant with you, so we’ll see how much you love beer when you’re of age!

You say mama, dadda, Tehteh, but I swear sometimes you’re saying other things. You always make a mumble when I hand you something as if you’re saying thank you. You love taking baths. Like seriously love. You try to climb out of the tub sometimes. Then again, you try to climb just about any where these days. It’s the funniest thing to watch because you’re just a little peanut but you think you are so strong and can do anything. You try to lift and carry things around that are either bigger than you or just about as heavy as you. The other day you were trying to pick up a gallon of water that wasn’t completely full. You did manage to pick it up some.

Thank you for being my fun, cuddly, amazingly smart, wonderful little boy. Our family is so much more complete because of you. I’m excited to see you as a big brother after seeing you as the wonderful fun little brother. I see you as a fair, easy to get along with sibling. I can imagine the others coming to you to mediate. You seem like that kind of guy.

Most people would say that you are all about me (although recently you’ve reached out to Daddy while in my arms which has amazed us!) But usually you want me to hold you over anyone else. You whine in your highchair while eating when you hear me get home from work. You stop crying the instant I scoop you up. Sometimes, actually many times, I’ve caught you staring at me while I’m holding you and doing something like eating, drinking, anything really. I’ll look at you and you’ll just be looking right at my face with your face only inches from mine. Then when you’re caught you smile and shy away. Up until a couple of months ago you would occasionally try to eat me it seemed, or plant a really big wet kiss on my face, as if me holding you just wasn’t enough. I have more love for you than my heart can hold most days.

Happy Birthday my sweet little boy!
Love mommy