Sibling love

One of the most amazing things in this world is seeing how much my kids love each other. It’s awesome and wonderful to have one child and share your love with them but when you have another and see them share their love with each other, it is the greatest gift ever. My favorite time of the day is bath time with Siri and Cas. They are playful, yet relaxed (and contained in one place which is nice!!) Cas watches Siri so intently to see what she does and learns so much from her. Siri loves being a big sister and has grown leaps and bounds when it comes to sharing and playing with Cas. I ask them if they want me to sing to them and of course, Cas doesn’t respond but Siri says, “yes!” I’ll start singing, Cas will smile and just watch me and Siri will either watch me happily or do some sort of silly dance. Last night my heart swelled when I thought of Cas being the bigger brother and his little sister watching him. I feel like being a bigger sibling makes a child grow in so many ways and I’m excited to see that growth in him. I feel so blessed to have my family. Two healthy, beautiful children and another on the way and an amazing husband who is our rock. I could have never dreamed or imagined it would be this wonderful and I would feel so fulfilled.


Dear Cas,

13 months already! In 4 more months you’ll be a big brother. I’m looking forward to seeing you in that role after watching you as the little brother this past year. I know you’re going to be a great big brother.

You are growing so fast. Anything that is physical – you are a pro at. You are practically almost running. You’ve been throwing balls for a few months now. You climb on top of everything and anything you can.

You are the funniest sweetest little thing. You laugh at everything. I just bought you a toothbrush to start brushing the 5 teeth you have. Last night I brushed them for the first time and you started laughing when I was doing it. Your laughter is infectious. You truly are a laid back happy-go-lucky baby.

You love when I sing to you (and sometimes you laugh at that too!) You still love to cuddle. You’ll cuddle with just about anybody. Your sister loves to hug and kiss you and sometimes pester you too, but you’re fine with all of it.

You say Tehteh, mama, dada, no, night-night, and hot (this spawned from us telling you the stove is hot, since you’re always trying to climb on that too! So now you say it all the time.)

We all love you so very, very much. The boy between two sisters – they might try dressing you up as a girl on occasion, but I’m sure you’ll let them and will be laughing right along with them.