The serious one

It has always been so hard for me to get Siri to smile for the camera. I remember trying to get pictures of her when she was 3 months old. I had her lying on a blanket and was standing above her, making silly faces, cooing, you name it. I got beautiful pictures but she just would not smile. Some things never change! But oh, I love this face.

I love you, my serious Siri!


Dear Cas,

You’re 15 months old and you are such a joy! You laugh at everything. No, seriously, everything. You’ll pull my hair and think its funny. You’re up to no good, and you think its funny. I change your diaper and its funny. Then if I try to make you laugh by tickling or doing something funny, then you really laugh. I love it. Hearing you laugh is one of the greatest things ever. And you do it often. You could put anyone in a good mood.

You’re growing up so fast. You say so many words and are always trying to say things that we say. You say mama, dada, sissy, Tehteh, hot, no, yes, touchdown (thanks to your dad!), ball. You love to eat! You are a bottomless pit, which is funny because you are so little. You could eat and eat and eat. You love fruit and sweet stuff, cookies, cake, etc. You’ll smile a big smile (and sometimes giggle a little too) if I give you a lick of frosting. And then you’ll whine for more!

You love your sister. You watch everything she does. You’ve recently started giving her hugs. Most of the time if I ask for a kiss you’ll give me one, but you always give Tess one, even when I don’t ask. You and Tess are the best of friends. 

Thank you for being so fun! You’ve brought such joy to our lives. I love you so much!