Happy hearts

Siri started saying to me “you make my heart really happy!”

You have no idea how happy you’ve made my heart, my sweet little girl.


Siri says…

Sometimes I’ll say to the kids “you’re driving me nuts!” (hopefully they’ll forgive me when they’re older) So lately Siri’s been randomly saying it, but she says “you’re makin’ me nuts!!” I laugh just about every time.

Dear Cas,

Happy 18 months my crazy, loving, wild, funny little boy! You’ve grown up so much in the past couple of months. You have been such a good big brother. You pretty much just kiss Elin all of the time.

You laugh a lot. And you love to play. You climb like crazy. Lately you’ve been climbing on the dining room chairs to get on top of the table. You think it’s hilarious. Your Dad and I, not so much. While you have a crazy side, and are 110% boy, you also have the sweetest loving side. You’ll go up to Siri to hug her, or come to me for a kiss, you love to be held and cuddle.

Every night when I say “time to brush your teeth” you’ll head upstairs, go into the bathroom grab the stool and put it up to the sink. I’ll give you your toothbrush and you brush away!

You say so many words it’s pretty remarkable. You’ll point to things and say “what’s that?”

Your absolute favorite thing is to play with the toy kitchen. Sometimes you’ll go in the playroom and play with the pans for quite a while. We think you’re copying Daddy. As much as you love to cook, you also like to wrestle!

You are pretty laid back and reserved, most people notice it too. You’ve been such a joy in our lives. We love you do so much. I’m so glad your sisters have a brother like you!