Breakfast with siblings

Siri pulled both Cas and Elin ‘next to her’ for breakfast this morning. She is such a good big sister. She loves Cas and Elin so much! Oh, and they’re all watching Toy Story here, even little E.


Elin and Siri stats

Elin had her 4 month appointment today. She’s 17lb 2 oz (95%), 26 inches (96%) and her head size is 79th percentile. Speaking of her head, apparently one of her fontanels has closed and the pediatrician wants us to see a specialist to be sure that it looks OK in there. Apparently, if they close too early there can be problems related to brain growth and head growth or something like that. Trying not to worry about any of that.

Siri is 38″ tall and 36 lbs. She was difficult (that’s me putting it nicely) at the doctors today. She had a fit about being weighed, measured, checked, you name it. Totally not like the Siri from baby check ups who was a breeze or the Siri who was an angel at the dentist visit for her first cleaning. This is her welcoming me to the three’s. Twos are terrible? Not hardly.


Eric and Cas were just leaving to go get dog food and as they were leaving Eric said “love you” to me then Cas said it too. Eric said “did you hear that?” I looked over at both of them and Cas looked in at me from just outside the door and said it again, “love you.” Forget heart breaker – this boy is a melter of hearts. Sweet as can be but the coolest sweetheart I know.

My little dragon

Today at work, one of the Chinese lab members was asking how Elin is doing. He told me that she was born the year of the dragon and that being a dragon is a good thing. I of course, had to immediately google what this means when I got back to my office. Here is what I found:

Persons born in the Year of the Dragon tend to share certain characteristics. The following are personality features/traits that are typically associated with persons born in the Year of the Dragon.

– Innovative

– Enterprising

– Quick-tempered

– Tactless

– Self-assured

– Brave

– Passionate

– Conceited

– Flexible

– Scrutinizing

– Unanticipated

Persons born in the Year of the Dragon are often described as free-spirited creatures who believe that rules and regulations are for other people. Naturally confident and very fearless, they are usually very successful, however, due to their extrovertness and enthusiasm, they can sometimes end up feeling tired and unfulfilled. Always ready to lend a helping hand to those who need it, a Dragon’s pride can mean that they are often unwilling to ask for or accept help from others.

There you go, Elin! All you need to know about yourself! Now I’m off to find out what Siri is. I would have thought she’d be the fire-breather for sure!

Dear Elin,

You are four months old today and to say you are a happy baby is a huge understatement. You are most definitely the happiest baby ever. You smile ALL the the time. You started laughing a few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe it! I wish I could bottle up your little baby laugh and keep it with me always.

You are a breeze. You are easy to please and only fuss when you’re hungry or tired. Even then you only let out short little whines to let us know you need us.

You love Cas and Siri so much already. You give them big smiles. Oh and you’re a couch potato. You LOVE tv. It’s so funny to see you watching so intently.

You are the perfect addition to our family. We love you so, so much, happy girl!