Elin is rolling around like a pro!


Dear Elin

Happy 5 months (+ 1 day)! You are growing so fast! We had a little scare at your 4 month appointment because the doctor couldn’t find your soft spot. So we had to take you to a pediatric plastic surgeon. I couldn’t get an appointment for 2 weeks and it was the longest two weeks of my life. I was worried that they would need to do surgery. But it turns out that your soft spot is just fibrous and you are perfectly fine. What a relief!

You are such a blessing. We are all so in love with you. Cas and Siri just adore you. I’ve never seen them treat you poorly or ever try to hurt you. I think the reason that you are the happiest baby ever is because you have all of us doting on you and living you all the time!

You laugh when I blow raspberries on you. And I’ve caught you laughing at Siri a couple of times which absolutely melts my heart.

You are such a joy! The perfect addition to this family. I love you!


Dear Cas

You are 22 months old today and I can’t believe you’ll be 2 in 2 months! You are growing so fast. You talk do much! You are obsessed with cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc. You could sit and play with cars for hours. When you go to grandma’s house you find the car bin right away and start playing.

You love your sisters. Siri bothers you from time to time and you scream! I’ve just started asking you not to scream and to say ‘stop, please’ and you do! Haha, you are too much! You love baby Elin. You’ll say ‘hi baby!’ and you kiss her all the time.

If someone gets hurt and says ow you’ll say ‘are you ok?’ but it sounds more like ‘ohtay?’

You’ve also been so intrigued by bugs. There will be a bug in the house and you’ll say mommy/daddy again and again until we pay attention. Then we’ll ask what? and you’ll point and say ‘bug!!’

You say wow, uh-oh, motorcycle, car, truck, boat, icky, cow, dog, cat, shoes, Siri, Elin, mommy, daddy, bath, yogurt, juice, please, thank you, more, stop, yes, no, bug, off, on, night-night, blankie, what’s that?, sippy, movie, iPad, help, phone, ‘where are you? (from the scooby doo song), beer, football, ball and so much more! You are a talker for sure!

You are the perfect balance in between 2 girls. I love you so so much.