Elin stats

6 months
20 lbs 96%
27″ long 85%
head 84 %


First family vacation

Our first family vacation was a success! The car ride was the hardest part. 12 hours there and back. We left around 8:30 pm on the way there; we figured we’d drive through the night and the kids would sleep. It worked out okay for the most part, but the kids were uncomfortable in their carseats while they were sleeping. Cas woke up and was wide awake from 3-5. He was talking, laughing and watching movies. He was pretty overtired later that day. The drive back we left around 5:30 am. We were going to leave at 3 am but Cas woke up at midnight and was wide awake until 3:30 am! I laid in bed with him for those 3 hours and he kept talking saying, “mommy? mommy?” I’d say “what?” he’d say something like, “monster, rawrrrr!” then I’d say “yes, monster, rawrrr.” There would be maybe a minute pause and it would start all over again, “mommy? mommy?” For 3 hours!!! Needless to say I was very tired the next day.

But other than the driving situation it was a great first family vacation! It was crazy at times probably more so to outsiders than to us. The craziness that we’re used to was just moved to a different location, in a bigger house with no baby gates or cabinet locks. The kids loved the beach. They loved the pool at the house. They loved playing with Connor. Siri loved getting icecream. She loved playing with my little bag of jewelry and that was the special thing she got to do next to me while I was putting Elin down to bed each night.

Siri and I became even closer on vacation. We formed a tighter bond somehow and I loved it. Coming back home and getting into the work routine after being off for 11 days was a little hard. Siri has been crying when I leave for work. My first day back, Eric told me that she was looking at my old license and saying, “I miss her” and sort of crying. The girl knows how to tug at my heart strings that’s for sure. It seriously kills me each day when I leave and she’s crying for me to stay. Today I told her I had to go to work to make money so we can buy things and so I can pay for her to go to school. She told me “No! I don’t want any money! I want you to stay home with me!” So hard to hear her so sad because I’m leaving for work.

But our time together when I’m not at work is so sweet. Especially when I’m not at work at we’re on vacation together…

Dear Elin

I have to admit that some if my letters are rushed and hurried because I’m often trying to write them with whatever small amount of “free” time I might have. As I sit here, with you sleeping in my arms, I figure its the perfect time for a quick note.

My little baby, Elin, where has the time gone? How is it that six months ago you were just a newborn baby and now you’re doing bigger baby stuff like rolling all around the floor and eating. You fall asleep in my arms, which is still a little baby thing to do, but now you’ll fall asleep curled up and cozy with your hand on my chest. You’re heavier and sleep a little heavier too. You slept on your tummy last night. I love every single bit of you. I could kiss your chubby cheeks for days. You would smile the entire time. We are so completely blessed to have you.


Dear Elin

Happy six months my sweet baby! What can I say? You are the happiest baby I have ever seen! You rarely ever cry. There are days that go by without you crying at all.

We just got back from our first family vacation yesterday and you were a breeze during the 12 hour car ride there and back! I fed you a bit of avocado from my finger while we were there and then mashed you up a little more today for your first official feeding. You loved it! Siri actually fed you mostly; I gave you a couple spoons first and then she wanted to help.

You’re rolling all over the place. You laugh all of the time. You laugh when you’re being tickled and sometimes you crack up at Siri.

I love you so much!