Cas stats

2 years
29.2 lbs 62%
34 1/2″ 52%
Head 93%


Dear Cas

Happy Birthday! I can’t believe you’re two years old! Time has flown by so quickly. You have grown so much and come so far. You talk all of the time. You say so many things and I’m sometimes surprised when you repeat a phrase right after me, without hesitation. You are so smart! You also have a great sense of humor. You love to laugh, especially when you’re getting into something you shouldn’t be or when you’re eating something really, really good like a brownie or a cupcake. You’ll give a little laugh and it melts my heart.

You are obsessed with trucks, cars and motorcycles. Also, monsters, dinosaurs, sharks – basically anything that could have sharp teeth and/or say ‘rawr!’ Just like your big sister, you love for me to tell you my made up stories about monsters. You’ll say, “Mommy, talk about it, monster, rawr!”

You are the BEST brother ever. You handle being the younger brother and the older brother very, very well. You are so gentle, so loving, and so fun. We are proud of you every day.

You love to eat and you love to sleep. A typical man already!

You love to be held. You often say, “hug me, mommy” or “hug me, daddy” and it’s usually while we’re standing and you’ll be holding your blankie wanting us to pick you up and hold you.  You love to cuddle. You love to kiss. You’ll come over and just randomly kiss me or kiss my hand or my arm. You are the sweetest boy. I love you so, so much.


Elin’s first tooth

I felt Elin’s first tooth coming through 2 days ago!

She has also been consistently sleeping through the night until 4-6 AM.

All 3 kids slept at my mom’s last night and Eric and I had our first night without kids since before Siri was born. I slept until 9:20 today!