Happy Halloween

We brought the kids out to trick or treat tonight. Siri went as a princess and Cas went as a good little boy (that’s what Eric kept telling people when they asked what he was dressed up as). True to Cas fashion he couldn’t be bothered! He didn’t want us putting anything on him. So we put his coat on and that was that. It was so awesome to watch Siri’s excitement this year. I wish I could burn into my memory the vision of her running in her princess costume through a yard to the next house, full of pure happiness and joy.


Slippery soap

The other night when Siri and Cas were in tub, Cas was playing with a little square of soap. It fell into the water and I had fun watching him try to catch it. At first I was tempted to reach in and grab it for him, but then I thought better of it and figured this was as good a time as any to let him work for it. So he tried and tried, but the soap kept slipping away. He didn’t get frustrated at all. He was patient and focused and he kept going after it. At one point he said to the soap, “come here!” but the best part was that he used his sweet high pitched voice (the one that he uses when he talks to Elin “Hi baby!”) and the next best thing is that he had no idea I was watching. Those are some of my favorite momentsĀ  – when I catch one of them so focused on something that they have no idea anyone else is there. They’re just in their own little world. Anyway, so he used his sweet little voice, as if that would change everything, and shortly after he finally caught it. Then being a true boy and feeling proud he said, “GOTCHA!”

Dear Elin

You’re 8 months old! The time has flown by! You are absolutely, without a doubt the happiest baby ever. I’m sure of it. You round out our family perfectly. You are so, so loved.

You have two bottom teeth. You army crawl your way across the floor and are starting to get up on all fours preparing to crawl. You are ready for bed every night at 8:00 and you sleep until around 6:00 am.

You love to be tickled around your chest and neck. You laugh so hard. You love Siri and Cas but I’d say you are more into Siri at the moment, or maybe it’s Siri who is more into you!

You are such a joy! I’m soaking in every moment I can just holding you, hugging and kissing you and taking in your baby smell. I love you so much!