Dear Siri,

You know all of the colors and you enjoy telling me what the color of any random object is. Tonight you told me that your favorite colors are pink, purple and black. You sometimes mix up white and yellow, or as you call it “lellow.”

You love being a big sister. You are so helpful. You love giving your sister a kiss before bed. When she wakes up in the morning or in the afternoon after her nap, you like to be the first one in to see her and the two of you will sometimes spend 30 minutes laying together in Elin’s crib talking and laughing. I hope the two of you talk, and laugh and count on each other always. She’ll look up to you.



Dear Elin,

Happy 9 months, my sweet girl! I was just getting you ready for bed and I made some funny sound as I shook my head and you laughed, I kept doing it and you laughed and laughed. Your dad and I are always saying how it’s so easy for us to get you to smile or laugh. But the thing is, these aren’t your every day run of the mill baby smiles and giggles. You will smile so big, squint your eyes and scrunch your nose as you lean in to my shoulder or your blankie. It’s a full body smile. When you laugh it’s a hearty melt your heart “this baby thinks I’m funny” laugh. You bring such warmth to our family. You round it out perfectly. Being the third child you don’t always get your needs met right away but you are so, so, so good it’s unbelievable. You are so content and just as happy to be a part of this family as we are to have you in it. You adore your brother and sister and it’s pretty common that we’ll hear you cracking up only to look and see Cas or Siri with you doing something to make you laugh.

You have 2 bottom teeth and one top tooth has just started coming in. You love all foods your given. You like to play with whatever toys happen to be on the floor on that given day. Your Dad told me that today he turned around and saw that you climbed up 4 stairs! You’ll be pulling yourself to stand any day now!

I love you so much!