Siri and Elin stats

Siri’s 4 year stats: 40 1/4″ tall (53%); 40lbs (79%)

Elin 18 months (not quite 18 months yet): 33″ (89%); 27lbs (85%); head circumference (97%)

Dear Elin,

You’re 17 months old already! Time has flown by faster than ever. I’m amazed by how you’ve grown and how smart you’ve become! You are certainly the baby of the family but you’ll have none of that! You do your best to keep up with Siri and Cas and you want no help from Mom and Dad because you want to do things all by yourself! You have the best sense of humor in the family. Everything is funny to you and you like to be the silly one. You are also the sweet one. You love to kiss and be kissed and you love to cuddle. You’re also pretty tough. I think anyone who knows you would say that about you. You hold your own for sure. You are learning faster than I can keep up with. You point to your nose, eyes, mouth, tongue, ears, belly, head and toes. You say yes, no, more, all better, all gone, bye, Tess, mama, dada, Elin, ball, dog, and more I’m sure I’m forgetting. When we say, “Elin, be a monster” you say “RAWR!”  You’re just really smart for such a little thing!

You are so loved by everyone in our family. Siri and Cas can be bothered by you at times (like when you knock over a sand castle they’ve just made) but they really, genuinely love having you around. They laugh at things you do and kiss your boo-boos. It’s the best thing ever to see the bond you have with your siblings. Having them has definitely made you a more confident, sure-of-yourself, little lady.
You love baths – your eyes light up when I ask you if you want to take a bath and you practically jump out of my arms to get up to the bathroom. You love food – just about anything but especially beans (black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans). You also love taking all of the clothes out of yours and Siri’s dresser.
You are so beautiful. You have the longest eye lashes and have curls in the back of your hair! Everyone says how beautiful you are. You truly an amazing little girl. We love you so, so much and couldn’t imagine our family without you in it!