Dear Elin,

Dear Elin,

Happy Birthday! Two years old already! Where has the time gone? These past two years have gone by in the blink of an eye but what a wonderful two years they have been. You are the laughter in our family. You love being funny and silly and we all absolutely adore you for that. You’ll put on a big grin and your dimples will appear. We’re all for it! You love to put on a show. Sometimes you’ll just walk around the house knowing that we’re watching your every move. Other times you’ll sing and dance. Or jump. Or run.

You’ve got personality. You’re tough – you certainly hold your own as the youngest. On the other hand, you’re also the sweetest most loving little girl. You love to give us kisses, but not just one, multiple kisses. At night, you like for me to stay near you when you fall asleep. I’ll sit or lie next to your crib and put my hand in your crib to rub your back. You’ll often grab it and pull it close to you to kiss a few times.

Your hair is getting so long! It’s to your mid-back when wet. I put it in a pony tail for the first time a couple of weeks ago and you loved it! You went up to look at in the mirror and then you had to go show everyone. You love to do that. If you do something cool like jump or if you have something on you’ll get some attention from me for it and then you want to go show the others. You’ll go up to Siri and say “Seece. Seece” until she looks. Then you’ll do the same to Cas, “Brother. Brother. Brother” (sounds more like bruh-er). You love to get attention and we love to give it to you. You are such a light in our house. Your brother and sister try to protect you too. If we’re about to put you in time out Siri will block the path (it’s a corner by the dining room table) with a chair so we can’t get through. Cas has said, “Don’t talk to baby Elin that way!” if you’ve gotten in trouble for something. You’re a team. It’s the best thing in the world, watching the three of you together.

You love your dolls! You’ll carry several around with you at once. Lately you’ve been taking wipes and wiping their bottoms. Sometimes we’ll find you off on your own laying somewhere with a pile of babies. You’re like a little mommy. You also walk around and pick things up. You’ll pick up garbage on the floor and throw it out after you’ve shown it to us and said “garbah?” with a wrinkled up face.

You love to eat just about everything! Lately you’ve been loving pineapple and avocados. I’ve been giving you cereal and milk for breakfast and you love that too! Really, I can’t think of anything we’ve given you to eat that you haven’t liked. The last few days when you wake me up in the morning the first thing you say is, “eat!”

I love you, love you, love you! I am sad to see you grow so fast but am excited to see the little girl you’ll become.

Stats (3/25/14): height 34″ (41%) weight 33lbs (95%)