Dear Cas

I just realized I never wrote you a birthday letter this year. Things have been a bit hectic! But I have to take the time to tell you just how special and how wonderful you are. You are crazy and funny but sweet and loving at the same time. It’s amazing to watch you grow. You love having a little brother. You kiss him often and talk to him about random boy stuff, mostly cars, trucks and Legos. Speaking of Legos you are really into Legos at the moment. You’ve started building some pretty cool stuff. I’m impressed when you show me something you made up and put together on your own. You started preschool this year – I don’t think you like it much. You don’t object to going or anything but it just doesn’t seem to be your fit. Plus last night you nonchalantly mentioned to your Dad that you don’t like school. We’re thinking of keeping you home another year before sending you to kindergarten since you’ll only turn 5 a few days after school starts. I want you to be a bit more comfortable and have the confidence that another year might bring. 

We love you so much. I love hearing you laugh. You’ve got a great sense of humor and you like to make people laugh. You and Siri are the best of friends most days and you also have a great relationship with Elin. You play along with Siri’s games for the most part although you don’t appreciate her telling you what to do! I look forward to seeing your love for West grow and for the two of you to build a bond. I’m so proud of you and all that you bring to our family.