Siri is reading!

Siri read her first book last night!  We are so proud of her but what’s even better is seeing how proud she is of herself.



Dear West,

You’ll be 4 months old tomorrow; time flies! You are such a good baby. You are happy, content and so sweet. You are SO loved. Your siblings fight over who gets to hold/kiss/look at/lay near you. It’s amazing. You get so much attention. You are starting to “talk” and loudly! I figure you’re trying to make yourself heard amongst the rest of the commotion in our home. You laugh when we tickle you. You smile A LOT. 
You are strong. You rolled for the first time at 5 weeks just like Cas. When we put you on your tummy it looks like you’re trying to go somewhere. You’re always kicking. That’s how I knew you were a boy! 
On the day you were born your Dad couldn’t even get the words out to tell me you were a boy. He got choked up and I knew. We were both so happy we cried. It was a wonderful day. We were waiting for you and now you’re here. You’re already so much more than we could have hoped for. You fit into our family perfectly. I look forward to seeing the boy you’ll become. But for now, I love kissing your cheeks (especially your dimples), holding you close, rocking you to sleep and watching you stare at me. You are my little love.