Dear Elin

I haven’t written you a letter in quite some time and should have for your third birthday. We’ve been very busy!

You are our sweet, crazy, funny, loving little girl. That hasn’t changed. You’re just older, smarter and taller. The things you say and do often lead us to give you lots of kisses because you are just so darn cute! You also get in trouble from time to time because, well… you’re 3. And you get into mischief. You like to be in the bathroom a lot, playing with water, or my hair products, or brushing your hair. You are a girly girl. You love to be pretty and you are. But I hope to show you that you are also so much more than that. You have the most amazing personality and sense of humor. You love to put on a show. You make up songs. You dance around. You love to be a team player in our family. You are the most giving of us all! Siri and Cas will have finished whatever snack or dessert their eating and you are always more than willing to give them some of yours if you haven’t finished yet. If you get a yogurt from the fridge, you’ll get one for each of them too. You have such a big heart and I am so amazed by you.  

You are so incredibly smart. You attempt to write letters and you count. Siri is always trying to teach you something and you are most often quite receptive. You love to play with your baby dolls. You’ll often ask Cas if he wants to play mommy and daddy with you. You’re of course the mommy and Cas is the daddy and the two of you will walk around the house with a little shopping cart or stroller full of stuff. Sometimes Siri is the mommy if she plays along and I’ll get confused when I hear you calling “Mommy!” and then you’ll remind me that you’re talking to Siri.

You give the absolute best hugs ever. You wrap your arms around my neck (or Daddy’s) and you’ll pull us close like that. You’ll bury your face in our necks. It feels so good to get a hug from you. You say things in ways only you can. No my know = I don’t know. My lala you = I love you. I’ll have to come back to add to this list because I know there are more!

You love baby West! Sometimes you’ll be playing mommy and baby with him and you’ll tell me that he’s your baby and that I’m the grandma. You smother him sometimes and he gets upset because he doesn’t want to be bothered and wants to crawl or move around and you’ll have your arms wrapped around his neck! You always want to give him a kiss before bed and you are so sweet and gentle when you do.  

I’ll often hear you and Siri playing and laughing before bed and it’s the best sound ever. You two are really growing close as you grow older. You love her very much. When we drop her off at school in the morning you’ll shout out of the van to her, “Bye, Siri! I love you!!” and you’ll get upset if she doesn’t respond back. Just about every day now as soon as she gets out of the van and we pull away you’ll tell me that you miss her. You are truly the most loving little girl. You give so much love to our family. And we all love you so, so much!