Dear Siri

Happy Birthday! You woke up this morning and asked me if you looked bigger. You are so excited to be one year older. You are such a wonderful, kind, caring, funny, witty girl. I am so proud to be your mom. You teach me new things all the time. You are a born leader. Your siblings wait for your direction as do kids on the playground. You are so smart. You read, write and do math problems for fun. You love the color purple. You love art stuff. You love to be silly and to make people laugh. Lately you’ve enjoyed putting on little shows with Elin for me and your Dad. You are so helpful. Quite often you’ll help calm a situation in our family without being asked to do so. You step in and know the right things to say. The important role you play in our family is indescribable. It’s amazing to watch you in action. You are so good with baby West. You and he have a special bond. You are so gentle and careful with him but you also love to play with him and make him laugh. You nick named him Mr. Tickles and we love to call him that now.

You are sensitive but strong. You are confident but sometimes unsure of yourself. I hope you always know that you are awesome and you can do anything! It sounds cliché but it is so true! You are powerful because you are smart. I can see you thinking before you say what’s on your mind. I think you sometimes put pressure on yourself to be the best or to do the right thing and I hope that you know that it’s OK to mess up. This is when you will reflect and grow the most. It’s not easy and it hurts but I promise you, you’ll amaze yourself when time passes and you look back on your journey. You have qualities in you that will take you far in life, but you have to believe in yourself always. Don’t let any other voices, even your own, get in the way. Follow your heart, because your heart is bigger and more true than that of any other person I’ve known. 
I love you more every day.