Bike riders

Siri started riding her bike without training wheels over the weekend and Cas started riding without training wheels on August 7th! These kids are growing fast!


Dear West

Happy birthday! A year with you has been a breeze and flown by too quickly! Where do I begin? Life is surely hectic with 4 kids, but you have added so much fun to our lives. You laugh at everything! Your siblings love you like crazy!! You have 5 teeth. You’re not yet walking, but you will be soon. Your first word was go and your second word was mama. Siri, Cas and Elin run around the living room and we’ll say “Go, Siri go!” so you started to crawl fast around with them like you were racing around the living room. We’d say “Go Westie go!” so you started to say “Go! Go!”

You are obsessed with your mama by the way! You always want to be with me and be held by me. You give me “kisses” by holding your mouth wide open and pressing it to my face. The kids love when you kiss them and think its the funniest thing. You have a special relationship with each of them and it is the most wonderful thing – to see you all together.

You are such a happy baby. You clap, laugh a lot, stand up, wrestle and crawl around like crazy. You love to eat and you’ll hold fistfuls of food in your hands and take bites from even more food you try to pick up. 

You started playing with cars and trucks a few weeks ago. And you make a little noise like the sound of an engine, but only in the cutest possible way. You push cars and trucks around the house.

We love you more than words could describe. There was a time that we weren’t sure if we had enough in us to have a fourth! But oh my goodness we are so happy we did. We are so, so blessed to have you in our family. We are now complete. We love you dearly and can’t wait to you grow (but not too fast!).