Dear Cas

Happy fifth birthday. Wow. I know I say it often, but time flies. You started kindergarten last week. I’m not sure what you think of it yet, but I know you’ll do great once you get the hang of things. You told your teacher a couple of times on the first day that you’re shy. You say that sometimes, “I’m shy.” Or you’ll ask, “Mom, what if I’m shy?” You are shy at first in a new situation, but you get over that pretty quickly. But you are quiet for the most part, even at home. Although, you can get pretty crazy sometimes! And when you aren’t happy we all know about it! You have a sweet side. You are so kind to babies and kids smaller than you. You like to help them.


You’ve started playing minecraft recently and are getting pretty good at it! It’s all you and Siri do lately! You learned how to ride your bike without training wheels a month ago and that’s all you wanted to do for a few weeks straight. You were so proud! I’m amazed to see the boy you are turning into. You love to laugh. You love to joke around and be silly. You’ll laugh when I talk in silly voices and your laugh is truly the best thing. I can hear it now when I think of it. I love you so much, buddy. You are hard to handle at times, but we work through it. I’m doing my best to be the best I can for you. I love you a super lot. I’ll hear you saying that to members of our family sometimes just out of the blue. I’ll be in the other room and I’ll hear you say, “Siri, I love you.” You are so very special to us and such an important part of our family. You mean the world to your siblings. We all love you so very, very much.