Back to school

We took Siri (6) and Cas (5) out of school at the end of September. I think a lot of people were shocked and we got a lot of questions, mostly “Why?” or “What happened?” Nothing major happened and we live in the one of the top 3 districts in the area so it wasn’t the school.  I understand why people had questions. For them, us deciding to homeschool came out of left field.

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Some days

Some days are hard. Days like today. I’m not even really sure why. It started out as a great day and I had positive feelings and thoughts heading into work. To be honest, I think I was easily distracted from the start of the day. On my drive into work, my thoughts were constantly wandering. I should have reeled them in then and focused on all the things I’m grateful for. Then this afternoon, something happened at work that I let get to me more than I should have. That was weird. It came out of nowhere. It wasn’t even a big deal but for some reason my emotions got the best of me. It stuck with me the whole day, which isn’t like me. It seemed like the more I tried to shake it off, the more it stuck.

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Family meetings

We started family meetings over a year ago, had a handful of them and then they sort of faded out of our Sundays but I’d really like to start them again. I think Eric even recorded one… I’ll have to dig that up! We’d have a family meeting Sunday evenings at the dining room table sometime after dinner. I think its a great tradition and something consistent in our lives that the kids can look forward to and hopefully have fond memories of.

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Our top 10 must have items for cloth diapering

Siri diaper helperSince May of 2009 when Siri was born, we’ve cloth diapered 4 kids so I figure we can probably consider ourselves subject matter experts, right? At some point during my first pregnancy I read something somewhere about cloth diapering and thought, “Hey, I think I want to do that!” I didn’t say much to Eric at first because I was sure he wouldn’t go for it. But he did. He asked questions and wanted to know the details. At the time, I didn’t know anyone who cloth diapered. I spent hours online researching different types of diapers (I learned a ton on the Bump forum), how many we’d need, what to do with the poop and how to wash them. Needless to say, I got overwhelmed and almost decided to give up before we even started. Thankfully, Eric was encouraging and said we could and should totally do it. He said that we had to at least try it. Here we are, on our 4th cloth diapered baby.

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What my kids do all day

We unschool. For now. Maybe not forever, but for now this works for us. Unschooling is basically a type of homeschooling where there’s no curriculum, no set schedule and my kids choose what they want to do for the day. We can certainly guide them, give them ideas, show them new stuff we think they’d like. They learn stuff all on their own. It’s amazing. It’s basically how you parent your kids when they’re home from school or before they ever went to school. We just do this every day all day.

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West fell asleep 3 nights this week playing peek-a-boo! Seriously the cutest thing ever. He’ll be laying next to me and we start playing peek a boo. Then at some point his hands linger on his face a little bit longer then a little bit longer…then he’s asleep. I love this boy.