The girls’ room

Since moving into our house in 2010 we haven’t done much to the girls’ room. It actually started out as a room Eric and I stayed in while we were thinking of tearing up the carpet in the master bedroom to refinish the floors. Well, that never happened (this summer, maybe?) and we moved into the master and this room became the nursery for baby #2.  The only thing we did to the room was add a fresh coat of neutral colored paint and at some point later (its all a blur to me now) Siri moved into this room with Elin. Cas was actually in there with them too for a while – they really love to be together at night – but now he’s back to his room with West (we’ll be tackling his room after the bathroom). Continue reading


Dear Elin

You’re 4 and proud of it! “My big now” is how you’d word it. We counted down the days to your birthday from a little less than 2 weeks prior and you were getting really excited those few days leading up to it. The day of your birthday you were waiting and waiting for everyone to come over for your party. You were so proud to have your day with everyone there to celebrate you. I wish we could celebrate you every day. Continue reading


Last month marked a year of Andrew being gone. It was an awful way to start out 2015 and I carried that feeling with me through the rest of the year. The day he died wasn’t real. It didn’t feel real anyway.  I felt like I was in that scene in a movie where they’ve sped everyone else up and you see all of these blurred people and lights moving behind and around this one person standing still in the middle of it all. I couldn’t catch up to what had happened. I couldn’t sort through all of the thoughts and the questions. One year later, I’m still sorting through it all. I try to remind myself of the lessons I learned and how grateful I am to have this life, my husband, my family, my friends, everything. I try to remind myself not to take anything for granted. I need to get this story down and I should have months ago. I wish I remember more. I wish I forgot some. Continue reading