We’ve only just begun

This is going to be a bunch of rambling but I promise I’ll get to the point soon enough: The most exciting thing to date on this unschooling journey of ours happened last night! Continue reading


Where we are and where we’re going

I know I’m always back and forth on this homeschooling thing. I would say that it’s because we’re going against the grain or doing something that the majority of people aren’t doing. But I didn’t feel that way about cloth diapering or exclusively breast feeding my babies through 6 months (apparently only 14% of babies were from 2007-09) and beyond (Siri 8 months, Cas 7 months, Elin 12 months, West 18 months).  But then again, I gained confidence in those things and motherhood in general as time went on (and as I had more kids!). Something tells me the same will be true with homeschooling. The longer we take this path the more confident I’ll feel about our decision. Continue reading

What’s on my to-create list

I’ve always been creative. I love making stuff. Art, crafts, sometimes sewing (although I usually pick a project that takes too long – I need instant gratification!). Art was my favorite class growing up and I wanted to major in art until I thought that I wouldn’t make any money as an artist.  If I see something I like but I don’t want to spend the money on it I usually try to figure out a way to make it. I’ve realized throughout my life that I especially enjoy taking time to create when I’m overwhelmed in other aspects of my life. It’s my way to unwind.  Continue reading