What we’ve been up to

The kids are going back to school in the fall.

We’re going camping for 3 nights in a tent next week. We’ve bought a whole bunch of gear so this most certainly won’t be the last time. In fact, I booked a 5 night camping trip for next month. I hope to blog about our first camping experience as a family (the last time we went Siri was 2, Cas was 11 months and I was pregnant with Elin) shortly after we get home.

West will be 2 next month! I just can’t.

I’ve been reading a book aloud to the kids each night. This one. It has over 8,000 5 star reviews on Amazon if that tells you anything. Its amazing. They all fall asleep to me reading it. No, but really, they love it.

I’m reading this to go along with my latest interest in camping.

Cas is loving all things army. Sometimes I’ll come home and he’ll have his army costume top on, an army helmet, and a camo bandana around his neck with a nerf gun in his hand. He is also the most amazing, sweetest boy. He is so good to all of us.

Speaking of which, the kids are all so good with West. They love him like crazy. They ‘re protective of him. They laugh at him when he’s silly (and then he starts cracking up!). West has to give them each a fist bump every night before bed. Sometimes, if they’re lucky, he’ll give them a kiss too. He still puts his hands on my face to soothe himself at night.

Siri had a friend sleep over for the first time over the 4th of July weekend. She’s really looking forward to going back to school.